GitHub integration
You can connect your Nhost app to a GitHub repository. When you do this, any updates you push to your code will automatically be deployed.

Nhost will only deploy your production branch. By default this will match the default branch set on GitHub (usually main). You can change this option on Nhost Console.
Specifically, the following will be deployed:
  • Database migrations
  • Hasura metadata
  • Serverless functions

Create a new Nhost app. Then use Nhost CLI to initialize your Nhost app locally.
The workflow is as follows:
  1. Make local changes (migrations, metadata, functions)
  2. Push changes to GitHub
  3. Nhost automatically applies changes to production
You should always follow this workflow. Never change things in production directly because that will make the local and production state to be out of sync.
If you do changes directly in your production backend, say you add a new table in production, your migrations in your repository will be out of sync. In such a case, we recommend to start over with nhost init --remote to get into a consistent state.