Build modern web and mobile apps fast. Like Google Firebase but better!

Nhost is a platform to build modern web and mobile apps fast.

Every Nhost project is built using Open Source software and comes with:

  • PostgreSQL

  • Hasura

  • GraphQL (yes, realtime )

  • Auth

  • Storage

Build your next app backed by a relational database and get instant GraphQL.



PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source relational database.


Hasura provide an instant realtime GraphQL API on your PostgreSQL database. Hasura comes with it's own Hasura console where you can manage your PostgreSQL database.


You realtime GraphQL will be automatically created for you based on your tables in your PostgreSQL database.


Manage your users. Both local users and using external OAuth providers (Github, Google, Facebook).


Handle user generated file upload and downloads. Backed by Minio, a object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs.

Open Source

All software in a Nhost project is Open Source. This mean no vendor lock-in.