Build modern web and mobile apps fast. Like Google Firebase but better!

Nhost is a hosted database and storage platform with a GraphQL API and built-in authentication. It requires minimal configuration so you can get your app up and running, and also allows fine control of the PostgreSQL database and fully configurable permissions.

Nhost doesn't predefine a database schema or require learning complicated new APIs like other cloud storage services. Nhost uses existing technologies which makes it easy to get started, and merges them together so you have everything you need in one platform.

Nhost combines the following Open Source software so you can use a full back-end solution without having to integrate many different platforms:

Nhost console


PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source relational database. Mostly your client will access the GraphQL endpoint, and you will manage your database with the Hasura console, but Nhost also gives you direct access to your database for advanced usage.


Hasura provides an instant realtime GraphQL API on your database. Nhost gives you access to the Hasura console which enables you to configure your PostgreSQL database and even directly run SQL functions.

As well as giving you access to your tables, Hasura also provides aggregate functions, which can be used to count or sum your data, or return avg, max ormin values.


Your database is automatically and instantly available from a GraphQL endpoint. You can perform anything from simple queries to complicated aggregate subscriptions.


Nhost allows user accounts with a role-based permission structure. You have direct control over which roles can perform which CRUD operation on every field of your database.

Add users via a local strategy or use external OAuth providers (Github, Google, Facebook).


Handle user-generated file upload and downloads. Backed by MinIO (an object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs) and integrated with Nhost authentication.

Open Source

All software in a Nhost project is Open Source. This mean no vendor lock-in.