Nhost CLI (beta)

The CLI is meant to be your primary interface when doing local development.


$ npm install -g nhost


The Hasura CLI, Docker and Docker Compose are dependencies, please make sure to have those installed.


  $ nhost [COMMAND]

  deploy  Deploy local migrations to Nhost production
  dev     Start Nhost project for local development
  help    display help for nhost
  init    Initialize current working directory with a Nhost project
  login   Login to your Nhost account
  logout  Logout from your Nhost account


# login to your Nhost account
$ nhost login

# initialize working directory as a Nhost project
# please make sure to run it at the root of your project
$ nhost init

# start your development environment (Hasura, HBP, Postgres and Minio)
$ nhost dev

# push your local changes of the Postgres schema and API metadata to your production project
$ nhost deploy


The CLI is still in beta, so please feel free to send us feedback, bug reports and issues through the project's repo.