#Nhost Dev

nhost dev starts your local development environment.

$ nhost dev

⠇ Nhost is starting...

# The first time dev is run takes a bit longer because the database is being created

✔ Local Nhost backend is running!
GraphQL API:    http://localhost:8080/v1/graphql
Hasura Console: http://localhost:9695
Auth & Storage: http://localhost:9000
API:            http://localhost:4000

The local websocket url is ws://localhost:8080/v1/graphql

Great! You now have a Nhost backend locally with all services:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Hasura GraphQL Engine
  • Hasura Backend Plus
  • Custom API

The Hasura console (https://localhost:9695) was launched. Use this URL specifically to make changes in Hasura to track migrations and metadata automaticall (recommended). All metadata and migrations are stored in the nhost/ folder.


Get local logs for each service when you develop locally.


$ docker logs -f nhost_postgres

Hasura GraphQL Engine

$ docker logs -f nhost_hasura

Hasura Backend Plus

$ docker logs -f nhost_hbp

Custom API

$ docker logs -f nhost_api