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Migrate Existing Projects

If you want to migrate an existing project you need to:

  1. Go into your project's folder:
$ cd /path/to/existingproject
  1. Login:
$ nhost login
- email:
- password:
Successfully logged in, creating PAT
Successfully created PAT
Storing PAT for future user
  1. Link your project:
❯ nhost link
│ │ │ │ │
# │ SubdomainProjectWorkspaceRegion
1 │ lrkadqfanxgmscttabiv │ demo │ david-yirq │ eu-central-1
│ │ │ │ │
- Select # the workspace to link: 1
- Enter project subdomain to confirm: lrkadqfanxgmscttabiv
  1. Pull the configuration from the cloud:
$ nhost config pull
- /path/to/existingproject/nhost/nhost.toml already exists. Do you want to overwrite it? [y/N] y
- /path/to/existingproject/.secrets already exists. Do you want to overwrite it? [y/N] y
Pulling config from Nhost...
Getting secrets list from Nhost...
Adding .secrets to .gitignore...
- Review `nhost/nhost.toml` and make sure there are no secrets before you commit it to git.
- Review `.secrets` file and set your development secrets
- Review `.secrets` was added to .gitignore
  1. Follow the instructions on screen to ensure your configuration contains no secrets and you don't commit sensitive information to git.

  2. Profit:

$ nhost up
Verifying configuration...
Configuration is valid!
Setting up Nhost development environment...
Starting Nhost development environment...
[+] Running 11/11
Network existingproject_default Created 0.0s
Container existingproject-minio-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-postgres-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-traefik-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-dashboard-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-mailhog-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-functions-1 Healthy 13.9s
Container existingproject-graphql-1 Healthy 13.8s
Container existingproject-console-1 Healthy 18.8s
Container existingproject-storage-1 Healthy 13.8s
Container existingproject-auth-1 Healthy 18.8s
Applying migrations...
INFO nothing to apply on database: default
Nhost development environment started.
- Postgres: postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/postgres
- Hasura:
- GraphQL:
- Auth:
- Storage:
- Functions:
- Dashboard:
- Mailhog:
SDK Configuration:
Subdomain: local
Region: (empty)
Run `nhost up` to reload the development environment
Run `nhost down` to stop the development environment
Run `nhost logs` to watch the logs