Next steps

Congratulations! Your Nhost account is all set up


You have set up and interacted with your new backend.

Let's recap what we have done so far:

  • Created a Nhost account

  • Created a Nhost project

    • New projects automatically creates a PostgreSQL database, Hasura, GraphQL API, Storage and authentication for your app

  • Set up the database

  • Created your own table

  • Interacted with that data using GraphQL

You now have a modern fully functional backend based on SQL and GraphQL!

Next steps

Create more tables! For information on relational tables, see this guide:

Start building your app! Find out how to connect to the GraphQL endpoint here:

Is your app based on Javascript? Nhost comes with a Javascript SDK:

Does your app require storage? See how to use Nhost's storage API here:

Need to manage users? See the Nhost authentication docs:

Are you migrating an existing database to Nhost? Find out how to connect to the PostgreSQL database here: