If you are using the Nhost CLI for local development, as of v0.12.0 you can also start Graphite locally. To do so, follow the next steps:


Configuring the Service

Follow the steps highlighed in the Enabling Service guide and don’t forget to add the relevant secrets to your .secrets file.


Start nhost

Run nhost up:

nhost up

After starting the service the first thing you will notice is that there is a new ai service running.


Commit metadata changes

As you start the AI service metadata changes may be proposed:

git status

We strongly recommmend you to commit them to your git repository so they can be deployed alongside your application.

Synhcronizing Auto-Embeddings

If you add auto-embeddings configuration locally and want to synchronize them with the cloud we recommend inserting them using a migration rather than with the auto-embeddings UI:


And then running nhost up to download the updated metadata. Afterwards you should see both database migrations and functions’ metadata changes in your local project:

git status

Pushing them to your deployment branch will also deploy them to your cloud project.

Synhcronizing Assistants

Similar to auto-embeddings, if you want to synchronize assistants we recommend you to insert them using a migration and then running nhost up to update any metadata if necessary. After pushing the proposed changes to the deployment branch all the changes should be deployed to the cloud project.