With the social provider connect feature, users can link their social authentication method to their account, regardless of the initial sign-up method. It enables users to link different social authentication providers to their accounts, even if the email addresses do not match (e.g., linking a GitHub profile to an account registered with a different email). This feature offers flexibility, allowing users to streamline their login process by connecting multiple authentication methods.

To add a social authentication method to an existing user you need to call the url https://${subdomain}.auth.${region}.nhost.run/v1/signin/provider/${provider}?connect=${jwt}. This is very easy to achieve with our SDK:

  provider: 'github'

In addition, hooks for react, vue and other frameworks may be provided. Check our reference documentation for more details.

Keep in mind that as we need a JWT the user needs to be logged in.

Viewing and Deleting Social Provider Authentication Mechanisms

If you want to allow your users to view and/or delete social provider authentication mechanisms, you can provide the necessary permissions to the table auth.user_providers (i.e. select and/or delete) and then use the appropriate GraphQL query. For example, the following permissions should allow users to list their own social providers:

social connect permissions

Using the following GraphQL query:

const { error, data } = await nhost.graphql.request(
    query getAuthUserProviders {
      authUserProviders {