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Environment Variables

Environment Variables are key-value pairs configured outside your source code. They are used to store environment-specific values such as API keys.

You can manage your project's Environment Variables in Nhost Dashboard under Variables. When you define a new variable, you can set one value for production and one for development.

Environment Variables

Environment Variables are available for:

When an Environment Variable has updated the changes happen immediately for Hasura GraphQL Engine. For Serverless Functions, a new deployment via Git is required.

System Environment Variables

System Environment Variables are automatically available in production and during local development. The following system Environment Variables are available:


Example values:

NHOST_JWT_SECRET={"type": "HS256", "key": "vumpbe2w2mgaqj5yqfp7dvxu6kywtvsgb68ejpdaqxerea8

Development Environment Variables

When developing locally using the CLI, Environment Variables set in .env.development are available in your local environment. There are two ways to manage them:

  1. Edit the .env.development file manually.
  2. Add development Environment Variables in the Nhost Dashboard and use nhost env pull to sync them. This way, your team members will also have access to the same Environment Variables.