Insights such as response times, resource usage, and error rates, to help you assess the performance and health of your services.

Metrics helps you analyze the performance of your infrastructure, while identifying bottlenecks and optimizing your applications.

Managed Grafana

Your Grafana instance comes pre-defined with dashboards that cover backend services, functions, and networking:

  • vCPU/memory usage by Service replica for all services
  • Throttling time / percentage
  • Postgres volume usage
  • Networking errors
  • Functions metrics like calls, response times, errors
  • and others, we keep adding new metrics and dashboards


Nhost Dashboard

You can find the link to Grafana in your project’s dashboard, under Metrics.

Project Metrics


Metrics is in beta, its functionality and pricing might change.


  • Dashboards can be updated or created, but they won’t persist after a deployment.