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Metrics (beta)

Metrics provide insights into your Nhost projects by integrating a managed Grafana instance tailored to them. This feature is available on the Pro plan and allows you to analyze your project's performance, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize your application.

Available Dashboards

Nhost Metrics includes a few pre-configured dashboards with the following metrics:

  • vCPU/memory usage by Service replica for all services
  • Throttling time / percentage
  • Postgres volume usage
  • Networking
  • Functions metrics like calls, response times, errors, etc.


Accessing Metrics

Metrics can be found in your project's dashboard.


Limitations (Beta)

Please note that while Metrics is in beta, its functionality and pricing might change.

  • Users cannot save or use custom dashboards in the current beta version.
  • Additional categories of metrics like application and database metrics will be added in future updates.
  • Future updates will centralize logs using Loki and integrate alerts directly into the Grafana dashboard.

Using Nhost Metrics allows you to identify bottlenecks in your applications, which you can then fix by leveraging Compute Resources and Service Replicas to address these performance issues.