Every Nhost project comes with a PostgreSQL database.


Nhost support PostgreSQL version: 9.6, 10.5, 11.5 and 12.0. The version can be selected when creating a project:

Select PostgreSQL version

You can not change PostgreSQL version after the project has been created in the Nhost console. Contact us if you want to change PostgreSQL version on an existing Nhost project.


You have full access to your PostgreSQL database. Each database is preconfigured with SSL certificate. All PostgreSQL access details can be found under PostgreSQL

The Connection String looks like this:


Click Show password before you copy the connection string.

You can use any PostgreSQL client. We will use Table Plus in this example.

Right-click and select New > Connecting from URL. Paste your Connection String and connect to your database.

Connect to Nhost PostgreSQL using URL

The users table is present for all Nhost projects.

Connected to Nhost PostgreSQL database