Graphite, Nhost’s AI service, extends the Nhost stack providing AI super-powers to your application.


  • Auto-Embeddings
    • Generate embeddings for your data automatically as it is inserted or modified
    • Provide a GraphQL query for similarity searches to compare objects in your database
    • Provide a GraphQL query to search objects using natural language
    • Embeddings sources supported:
      • OpenAI
      • More to come (if you are interested in seeing support for any model/platform don’t hesitate to let us know)
  • AI Assistants
    • Create AI assistants so your users can interact with your data using AI.
    • Different AI assistants can have different views of your data
    • Extend with custom data via webhooks
    • Automate workflows by exposing GraphQL queries or mutations or custom webhooks to the AI assistant
    • GraphQL API to interact with the assistants.
    • Permissions fully integrated with hasura and hasura-auth; control who and who can not use which assistant via permissions.
    • Access to the underlying data for the assistant is limited to what the user can see.
  • Developer Assistant
    • Custom AI assistant with access to your project’s information (i.e. database/graphql schema)
    • Allow the developers in your team to leverage AI to develop faster and better


Embeddings are automatically generated based on defined rules and a new GraphQL query to search objects using natural language is automatically added to the schema:


Similarly, a GraphQL schema to search for similar objects is also provided:


Both queries respect the user session and permissions so only results the user is allowed to see are returned.

In addition, thanks to pgvector you can easily perform any operations on the generated embeddings directly from your application.

AI Assistants

assistant-insert assistant-thread