Nhost Run makes it easy to extend and customize your backend infrastructure. It unlocks the power and flexibility to run any custom and third-party OSS solutions, all in the same place.


Use Cases

  • Deploy and execute your custom backend services within your project environment.
  • Extend your GraphQL API functionalities by incorporating remote schemas or actions.
  • Execute data-processing tasks in close proximity to your database for enhanced efficiency.
  • Redis, memcache, datadog agents, mysql, mongodb… anything your application needs.


Nhost Run offers several key advantages for running workloads alongside your project:

  • Minimal Latency: By running workloads alongside your project environment, Nhost Run reduces latency between services. This means that the communication and data exchange between different components of your project can occur quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved Reliability: Nhost Run eliminates the dependency on external internet connectivity. This increased reliability ensures that your workloads continue to function even in scenarios where internet access may be limited or disrupted.
  • No Egress Costs: With Nhost Run, you won’t incur additional egress costs for transferring data between your project and the cloud infrastructure. This cost-saving benefit allows you to manage your expenses more effectively.
  • Integrated operations: Develop, build, manage and scale your own workloads the same way you can manage your Nhost Project.

By leveraging Nhost Run, you can optimize the performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency of your project by running workloads alongside it.