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Example: CRM System

Let's say you want to build a CRM system and you want to store files for customers. This is one way how you could do that.

Start with, you would have two tables:

  1. customers - Customer data.
  2. customer_files - What file belongs to what customer
- customers
- id
- name
- address

- id
- customer_id (Foreign Key to ``)
- file_id (Foreign Key to ``)

You would also create a Hasura Relationship (GraphQL relationship) between between customers and customer_files and between customer_files and storage.files.

With the two tables and GraphQL relationships in place, you can query customers and the customer's files like this:

query {
customers {
# customers table
customer_files {
# customer_files table
file {
# storage.files table

The file upload process would be as follows:

  1. Upload a file.
  2. Get the returned file id.
  3. Insert (GraphQL Mutation) the file id and the customer's id into the customer_files table.

This would allow you to upload and download files belonging to specific customers in your CRM system.