nhost init

Initializes current directory with a new project containing configuration and objects necessary to run Nhost locally.


--remote optional false
Pulls state from a remote Nhost instance.

nhost up

Starts Nhost for development and testing purposes. Requires scaffolding from nhost init.

nhost down

Stops all services and deletes all containers.


--volumes optional false
Remove volumes.

nhost login

Login to an Nhost account to perform authenticated operations.


--email optional
Email adress.

--password optional

--pat optional
Use this Personal Access Token instead of generating a new one with email/password.

nhost logs

Render all logs.


--follow optional
Follow (or tail) log output.

--no-color optional
Produce monochrome output.

--no-log-prefix optional
Don’t print prefix in logs.

--since optional
Show logs since timestamp (e.g. 2013-01-02T13:23:37Z) or relative (e.g. 42m for 42 minutes)

--tail optional all
Number of lines to show from the end of the logs for each service

--timestamps optional
Show timestamps

--until optional
Show logs before a timestamp

nhost list

List all remote Nhost projects this user has access to.

nhost secrets

Manage secrets in the Nhost cloud.

nhost secrets create