Run nhost help in your terminal to get a detailed listing of all available commands.

Run the Nhost development environment. If the current directory has not been initialized as an Nhost app, nhost will run you through the initialization.

The nhost command will offer you the option of cloning frontend templates for framework of your choice (Nuxt, Next.js, React).
The frontend template will be cloned in the web/ directory of your app root. It will have the Nhost SDK preinstalled and configured.

Launch the development environment for your app.
nhost dev

To trace all output and debug issues, run nhost dev --debug.
nhost dev --debug

Intialize a blank local app in current working directory:
nhost init

Or clone an existing app from
nhost init --remote

Link the local Nhost app in your working directory to
nhost link

Check real-time logs of any service container
You can run this command in parallel, while your local environment is already running. Use -f to save output to a file.
nhost logs

Turn on debug output.
nhost dev --debug
nhost init -d

Save output to a given file.
nhost dev -d --log-file some-file.txt
nhost logs -f some-file.txt