clientUrl required string

backendUrl required string

devTools optional boolean

Activate devTools e.g. the ability to connect to the xstate inspector

autoSignIn optional boolean

When set to true, will parse the url on startup to check if it contains a refresh token to start the session with

autoRefreshToken optional boolean

When set to true, will automatically refresh token before it expires

clientStorage optional ClientStorage

Object where the refresh token will be persisted and read locally.

Recommended values:

  • 'web' and 'cookies': no value is required
  • 'react-native': import Storage from @react-native-async-storage/async-storage
  • 'cookies': localStorage
  • 'custom': an object that defines the following methods:
    • setItem or setItemAsync
    • getItem or getItemAsync
    • removeItem
  • 'capacitor': import { Storage } from @capacitor/storage
  • 'expo-secure-store': import * as SecureStore from 'expo-secure-store'
clientStorage.customSet(key: string, value: null | string) => void | Promise<void>
clientStorage.customGet(key: string) => null | string | Promise<null | string>
clientStorage.deleteItemAsync(key: string) => void
clientStorage.getItemAsync(key: string) => any
clientStorage.setItemAsync(key: string, value: string) => void
clientStorage.remove(options: { key: string }) => void
clientStorage.get(options: { key: string }) => any
clientStorage.set(options: { key: string, value: string }) => void
clientStorage.removeItem(key: string) => void
clientStorage.getItem(key: string) => any
clientStorage.setItem(_key: string, _value: string) => void

clientStorageType optional ClientStorageType

Define a way to get information about the refresh token and its exipration date.



refreshIntervalTime optional number

Time interval until token refreshes, in seconds