email required string

options optional SignUpSecurityKeyOptions

options.localestringLocale of the user, in two digits
options.allowedRolesArray<string>Allowed roles of the user. Must be a subset of the default allowed roles defined in Hasura Auth.
options.defaultRolestringDefault role of the user. Must be part of the default allowed roles defined in Hasura Auth.
options.displayNamestringDisplay name of the user. If not provided, it will use the display name given by the social provider (Oauth) used on registration, or the email address otherwise.
options.metadataRecord<string, unknown>Custom additional user information stored in the metadata column. Can be any JSON object.
options.redirectTostringRedirection path in the client application that will be used in the link in the verification email. For instance, if you want to redirect to, the redirectTo value is '/success'.
options.nicknamestringOptional nickname for the security key

securityKey required “true”