adminSecret optional string

When set, the admin secret is sent as a header, x-hasura-admin-secret, for all requests to GraphQL, Storage, and Serverless Functions.

functionsUrl optional string

storageUrl optional string

graphqlUrl optional string

authUrl optional string

region optional string

Project region (e.g. eu-central-1) Project region is not required during local development (when subdomain is localhost)

subdomain optional string

Project subdomain (e.g. ieingiwnginwnfnegqwvdqwdwq) Use localhost during local development

devTools optional boolean

Activate devTools e.g. the ability to connect to the xstate inspector

autoSignIn optional boolean

When set to true, will parse the url on startup to check if it contains a refresh token to start the session with

autoRefreshToken optional boolean

When set to true, will automatically refresh token before it expires

refreshIntervalTime optional number

Time interval until token refreshes, in seconds