accessToken required string

accessTokenExpiresIn required number

refreshToken required null | string

refreshTokenId optional null | string

user required User

user.activeMfaTypenull | “totp”✔️
user.phoneNumbernull | string✔️
user.emailVerifiedboolean✔️Is true if the user email has not been verified
user.metadataRecord<string, unknown>✔️Additional attributes used for user information
user.rolesArray<string>✔️The roles assigned to the user
user.defaultRolestring✔️The default role of the user
user.isAnonymousboolean✔️Whether or not the user is anonymous
user.localestring✔️The locale of the user, as a two-characters string
user.avatarUrlstring✔️The URL to the user’s profile picture
user.displayNamestring✔️User’s display name
user.createdAtstring✔️The date-time when the user has been created
user.idstring✔️User’s unique identifier (uuid)
user.emailstringUser’s email address